The Golfing Self - Prepare Your Mind to Play Your Best

The Golfing Self book cover

The Golfing Self
by Bob Jones

124 pages

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author Bob Jones

Author Bob Jones

Your mind is your biggest golfing asset.
Learn how to use it.

You might be losing up to six strokes per round because of preventable mental errors. I can show you how to get those six strokes back.

With two proven mental exercises that you can do anywhere, you'll develop a mind lets you see, think, and play your best, during the entire round.

The mental game of golf boils down to having control of:

- seeing the course clearly to assess your options,

- choosing the right shot with the right club, and

- hitting the shot with confidence.

Most mental game books tell you what to do. The Golfing Self tells you how to do it, without tricks or gimmicks.

These exercises have been taught worldwide to thousands of people, as a foundation for improving every aspect of their daily lives.

Now they can be applied to golf.

The time you spend perfecting your shot-making skills is only half of becoming a better golfer.

Develop the mental strength to control your planning and shot-making so your best golf can emerge.

The Golfing Self shows you how.

The Golfing Self book cover

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 “I finally got a mental game book I really like. I've stopped throwing away so many strokes because of dumb mental mistakes. I feel like I'm a lot more in charge of what I'm doing. ”
- Brian B.

 “While the approach in this book is more abstract than that taken by most golf writers, I've been finding success with it. I have been able to use the method Bob provides particularly in the short game, where chips and pitches can often require a creative touch. I have had the shot just "come to me" on several occasions, and the shot would not have been one I would have consciously thought of, but the mind could find it on its own.”
- Bob N.

"There is a very Zen air about Bob, a sense that he understands the common challenges of the recreational golfer and possesses a structured plan to overcome those challenges. His intelligence also is very apparent, along with a keen, dry sense of humor that makes this even more of a fun book to read."
- Eric B.

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