Better Recreational Golf - Improve Your Game in the Time You Have

Better Recreational Golf book cover

Better Recreational Golf (Revised)
by Bob Jones

128 pages with 33 photographs


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author Bob Jones

Author Bob Jones

Are you convinced you would be a better golfer if only you had more time?

When you have a family, a job, and other outside interests, it's hard to find time to play golf, much less to practice.

Yet if you only had the time, you know you would be shooting the lower scores you deserve.

I'm show what to practice, how to practice it, and how to find the time to practice, so you can still play good golf in this busy time of your life.

Better Recreational Golf will show you how to

- hit the ball straighter,

- get on the green from close in quicker, and

- have two-putt greens be an expectation,

all starting with exercises you can do every day at home.

They’re fun, they make perfect sense, they're easy to do, and they have an immediate pay-off.

You'll learn how to hit the four basic shots of the short game that get this confusing part of golf under your control.

There's advice on how to think your way around the course.

Better Recreational Golf is fully illustrated with 33 photographs that show the steps in detail so you can reproduce the instruction to the letter.

You know you can play better than you're doing now, don't you? Let Better Recreational Golf show you how.


Here's what golfers across the country are saying.

 “I read Better Recreational Golf one evening and had the best round of my life the next day. Your system of chipping and pitching made a great deal of sense to me and brought my score way down.”
- David Greenleaf, Norway, Maine

 “Better Recreational Golf is a complete guide for golfers like myself. The instruction makes sense to me, something that is missing from the all the other golf books I pick up. The book has a user-friendly approach that informs me about the areas I need to improve on plus helps me understand the game more fully. These options provide me the advantages I need on the course. If you're a recreational golfer, you need this book.”
- Merced Flores, Tualatin, Oregon

"I've played golf for years. I want to improve my score, but I don't have the time to spend 2 hours on the practice range every day. This book has instruction, comments, and very good drills that will take up much less time. You won't become a scratch golfer, but you will become a better golfer."
- "Lefty", Texas

"Finally, a golf book that is an easy read, with clear technical descriptions, and tons of at-home practice tips. This must-have-tool was a gift and I have several friends that will be getting a copy for Christmas. "
- R. Erler, Bellevue, Washington

“Bob Jones’ book Better Recreational Golf was great read! I really liked how he did a wonderful job in explaining helpful practice techniques that you might not find in other books. I am definitely recommending this book to my golfing buddies.”
- Gary Benson, Reno, Nevada

“As opposed to books seemingly written by pros for pros, this book is truly written for the recreational golfer. The book provides practical tips to improve my game and play more confidently, and, importantly, by playing better, golf becomes
even more enjoyable.“
- Troy Gies, Tamarac, Florida

One from a pro!

“Bob Jones has a sound understanding of the recreational game. if you do the exercises in this book, you will improve. ”
- Scott Johnson,
PGA  Professional,
Salem, Oregon

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