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Better Recreational Golf, Left-Hander's Edition (Revised)
by Bob Jones

128 pages with 33 photographs



author Bob Jones

Author Bob Jones

Are you a left-handed golfer?
Want a golf book that makes sense to you?

If you’re a left-handed golfer, every instruction book out there is backwards.

Except this one.

Better Recreational Golf - Left-Hander's Edition is the full text of the original edition, modified for you.

- “Right” and “left” were reversed where appropriate.

- Instructional photographs were reversed.

When the book says to put your left hand here, and your right hand there, that's exactly where they go.

You'll see a golfer playing the way you do.

Here are the basics of golf:

- hit the ball straighter,

- get on the green from close in quicker, and

- have two-putt greens be an expectation,

all explained the way a left-hander wants it to be.

This is the book you've been waiting for, so what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and click the Buy Now button. Best move you ever made.


Here's what golfers across the country are saying.

 “I purchased this book as a gift for my left-handed father. He has a low handicap and plays about once a week in good weather. He leafed through it immediately and reported that he already had two great techniques to try on the course. He was excited to read the rest and really improve his game.”
- Jennifer H.

 “Better Recreational Golf is a complete guide for left-handed golfers like myself. The instruction makes sense to me, something that is missing from the all the other golf books I pick up. The book has a user-friendly approach that informs me about the areas I need to improve on plus helps me understand the game more fully. These options provide me the advantages I need on the course. If you're a recreational golfer, you need this book.”
- Merced F.

"I've played golf for years. I want to improve my score, but I don't have the time to spend 2 hours on the practice range every day. This book has instruction, comments, and very good drills that will take up much less time. I am always on the lookout for left-handed golf books because it is great not to have to mentally switch all of the instructions from the 90%ers. I have read this book several times since I bought it, and I use it as a reference to improve my swing."
- "Lefty"

"Finally, a golf book translated for the forgotten left-handed golfer. It is an easy read, simplistic technical description, and tons of at-home practice tips. This must-have-tool was a gift and I have several friends that will be getting a copy for Christmas. "
- R. Erler

One from a pro!

“Bob Jones has a sound understanding of the recreational game. if you do the exercises in this book, you will improve. ”
- Scott Johnson,
PGA  Professional,
Salem, Oregon

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